Thursday, November 21, 2013

11 Second club update! Nearing the end.

Not very many days left, but most of the gross animation ( The larger movement feel good). I need to work out the anticipations in some areas, then move on to lip sync.

This is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated, along with working on my MFA Thesis as well. Probably not a smart idea. However like drawing, it's about mileage and experience. So I figure the more animation I do, the better I have to get at it. Right?

If your curious and haven't read any of the other posts and want to know what I using to do this.

Pencil ( Palomino Blackwing Pencil, makes a nice black line with minimal smudging and sounds cool - BLACKWING!)
8.5x11 Copy Paper ( Bought a giant box from Costco, when I run out I think I may upgrade to larger paper)
Animation Peg ( 3 hole punch -
Simplicity Cam ( To grab animation drawings - it's really a nifty webcam)
X-sight ( Software for grabbing still images
A couple lights ( So images don't turn out super dark, so it's easier to vectorize later)
Photoshop ( I haven't used it yet to  adjust levels so it is easier to vectorize the animation, but it'll be coming up soon)
Toon Boom Harmony ( Timeline, X-sheet, and vectorize tools ) - Im using it to do the pencil tests before I decide to vectorzie, it's also pretty easy to line up your drawings with the internal x-sheet which is pretty convient.
Jetpens- I use brush pens from this company, they have a great selection of Japanese brush pens!
Manilla Folders- HAHAHA ( I also have a giant box of these from Costco, helps keep stuff organized, ALOT!
Colin Johnson Animation Desk - Adjustable light table with animation disc.
Simple Desktop PC- Nothing fancy here.

That's all. Enough typing, sleep then animate some more.

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